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Kuraoka Says to Know: Akio Takamori

Akio Takamori is an incredibly influential ceramic sculptor who teaches at University of Washington in Seattle.  This Japanese-American artist has been sculpting figurative pieces with an illustrative quality for over 25 years.  I think his most recognizable signature is the outlining of the surface that echoes Japanese brush painting or calligraphy and incites a unique discussion about dimension in sculpture.  This two-dimensional aspect of his work is incredibly illustrated by the photographs which accompany some of the figures above.  Notice how easily his three-dimensional work translates into a two-dimensional work of equal substantiality.

Rainbow Houses

I don't think anyone can argue that one of the best things about living in San Francisco is all of the colorful houses. There's just something so uplifting about seeing these candy-coated abodes whilst walking or busing through this city.


Open For Discussion: The Brent ie Wheel

So does anyone know about this wheel? I need to buy a wheel soooon... but alas, I am a student and on limited funds, and unless I can find something soon on craigslist or the local message boards (or if by miracle a wheel arrives delivered on my doorstep) I'm gonna have to shell out for a new wheel.

So what have you heard if anything?

And what about the Pacifica GT400?

P.S. If you have any other affordable wheel recommendations or a wheel you want to sell me, please do not hesitate to let me know. ;)

Arthur Gonzalez

Arthur Gonzalez is one of the first ceramic artists I fell in love with. I still have yet to see his work in person... but I'm working on that. ;) His figures are so expressive and they strike this contextual balance between past and future that I find really intriguing.  He is one of the most important artist's of the Bay Area and of the ceramic art world as a whole.  He teaches at California College of the Arts (and Crafts) in Oakland.

(images via artist's website)

On Etsy: Scott Jennings

artist's Etsy shop
artist's website

I'm really excited to share with you the work of one of my new studio mates. I stumbled accross Jennings' Etsy shop the other day out of nowhere and thought to myself, 'Hey, I know that guy!' I can't even express here how beautiful his work is. What is really refreshing is that Jennings creates these incredibly delicate pieces, but still manages to leave his work with a modern and masculine feel. I'm so happy to be working in a space with so many great artists like Jennings. So lucky.

(images via artist's Etsy shop)


Molly Hatch




I love Hatch's reproductions of classic Chinoiserie designs and illustration.  They are so beautiful and delicate and the use of color is sublime.  I'm really drawn to the 'outlined' faceted pieces.

What's really awesome is that Hatch is having a workshop this April in Berkeley at Fourth and Clay. I am so there. I guess I should reserve my space in the class.

(images via artist's website)


Liz Kinder


Please go visit her website. I am so loving the color and red clay and scrolling decorations.

(images via artist's website)

Origami Lanterns


I've been on a real kick lately with making origami balloons. They make such beautiful and cheerful lanterns over mini lights. I think I must have a couple hundred of them now. Guess what friends are getting for their birthday this year... Ha, you guessed it, origami lanterns.


I just think they are so romantic when they are plugged in and the add so much whimsy to a window. I learned how to make these balloons from my third grade teacher who was Japanese-American.  She was a fantastic lady and taught us all sorts of wonderful creative things.  But one of the most special parts of her class was the down time where we could choose to practice origami from a stack origami papers specially cut from old computer/ photocopy paper. It's funny how little things can have such a huge impact on a person.  One day I hope to leave a student with such a lasting impression as this teacher left on me.


Open 4 Discussion: Uninspired...

I'm feeling kinda uninspired lately... The blog feels a little stodgy to me, I haven't run across much work that is getting me going, I'm procrastinating about my beefing up my studio and not excited for school this semester...

I dunno, I thought I'd put it to all of you faithful readers. Talk to me...

What do you do when plagued by lack of inspiration?

Whose work are you totally in love with right now?

What is something new you would like to see on this blog?

Let me know.

Also, the above photo is one of my sculpture pieces from last semester. I need a good place to put it. Haven't got a clue where.



Hey ya'll...

Sorry about the lack of posting the last couple days. I have been working my little bum off revamping this here blog, along with my other... Everyday Object. Trying to give it a cleaner look or make it more navigable... I don't really know. I kinda just got carried away making buttons.

What do you think? This is totally DIY so I know it's not super-professional looking but... be honest, did you like it the old way better? Is there something else I should add or subtract?

I'd really appreciate your input. ;)


Pakistani Trucks Galore


Whew these are sooooo gorgeous.  Don't they make you happy? I love that even the bicycles are decorated. See... when you make everyday life beautiful, it is beautiful. :)

(all images by Peter Grant via Pakistan Photos)

Steven Cheek

Can you believe the carving on these?

P.S. Zygote, these are totally for you.

(images via Charlie Cummings Gallery)

Amy Halko

I think these pieces are to die for. Beautiful color combination and I love the action of the glaze, by which I mean the way it fades and drips and blurs. See Halko's website for more.

(images via Charlie Cummings Gallery)


Alison Ragguette

I think these mixed media wall sculptures are so freakin' trippy. Ragguette traps silk fibers into the pigmented silicone which she then drapes around suggestive thrown porcelain objects.  The result for me is a piece that makes me want to stare and say DubsTF at the same time. What do you all think?

(images via artist's own website)

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