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Setting the Table: Miami Poolside

I ran into this gorgeous photograph by stylist Jessica Thomas on Desire to Inspire. It's a beautiful kitchen to be sure, but what I love most is the light in the photograph. I imagine that just to the right of the sink is a pair of open french doors that lead to a beautiful pool and terrace on a bright sunny day. The atmosphere is cool and relaxing from the shade on the terrace to the cool touch of the backsplash tiles and a soothing dip in the shallow pool. I know I'm just creating this senario in my imagination, but I think I'm going to have a hard time leaving.

Here's how I'd set the table... 

By the sink I'd keep a fancy bar on Rebecca Chappell's soap dish (1, $50) to wash up between the pool and cooking. I'd fix the counter with a gorgeous spray of lilies in one of Scott Jennings newly designed geometic vases (2, $135). To keep my collection of relaxing teas fresh, I'd store them in a couple of lovely jars from Pincu Pottery (3), always at hand on the countertop.

For brunch on weekends, I'd set the table for seasonal fruit salad in bowls from Jeff Campana (4, similar, smaller bowls $95) and french toast on plates from Karl Borgeson (5, $150). Accompanying the morning treats would be cinnamon and brown sugar in a spice well set from Gwendolyn Yoppolo (6) and creamy butter in a dish by Joanna Howells (7).

After the morning's first dip I'd bring out some cups and saucers by Mike Jabbur (8) and a few treats on a dessert tier from Joanna Powells (9). From a soda-fired teaset by Tara Wilson (10), I'd pour a pipping service of mango-black tea while my guests enjoyed a few bittersweet-chocolate-covered fruit jellies.

After tea while my guests went in for another dip I'd grab my clever citrus reamer by Gwendolyn Yoppolo (11) and quickly juice some of the fresh lemons I keep on this clever fruit dish by Joanna Howells (12). Poured over some soothing ice-cubes with a bit of sugar added, my fresh batch of lemonade would be especially sparkling spilling from this Mark Knott pitcher (13, $150).

My delicious lemonade would taste so crisp out of these fancy cups from Victor Visockis (14, $65). A cool service of chilled washcloths in a dish by Marc Digeros (15) and sliced cucumbers on a stunning platter by Honest Works Pottery (16, $65) would complete the spa experience. 

Ahhh, what a relaxing day... Do I really have to wake up?

If you have a photo that you'd like to see with a 'Table Setting' shoot me an email. I love a challenge.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for including my jar in your imaginary kitchen!

You certainly have found some fabulous clay work to add to the kitchen of your dreams. I am a huge fan of several of the potters you have included!

Wouldn't it be fun to see more handmade pottery in interior/architecture magazines?

Jesse Lu said...

Oh, you are so welcome Elise! You have the most beautiful pieces. I wish there were a direct shop I could send people to on the web to buy them. :) Is there such a place?

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