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On Etsy: Whitney Smith

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Why I love it: I have been reading Whitney Smith's blog for quite some time now, and have been meaning to include her work on (Mud)Bucket just as long. More than being a fabulous potter, Whitney is a most incredible business woman. She shares so much advice and insight on her blog, This Artist's Life, it's an invaluable resource for potters today.  I love her work because it looks like such an incredibly modern interpretation of traditional asian ceramic styles: celedon, porcelain, cherry blossom motifs, floral shape inspirations. It's all so feminine and sharp at the same time. I also really dig the fact that Whitney has a registry available for her work. What a clever idea! Why don't more potters offer this? Also, if you want to read a great interview with this hardworkin' gal, check it out on sfgirlbybay.

P.S. Doesn't Whitney take wonderful product photos?


The Clay Chick said...

Thanks for the post on Whitney Smith. I've admired her work on Etsy for some time, but didn't know she had a blog...WOW, what great information she shares!

Jesse Lu said...

Oh! Yes, Whitney's blog is one of the most important artist blogs out there. She's so smart and she shares so much with her readers. Glad you found it. :)

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