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Studio Time: Second Glaze-Firing

Got these out of the kiln yesterday morning.

The good news?

-they look less like Kiefer-Schroeder-Host knock-offs post-firing
-nothing exploded
-I like the crayola colors
-the giant bowl didn't crack

The bad news?

-they're boring as all hell
-I obviously did not put the same number of coats of slip on the Navajo Wheel pieces so they look incongruent and goofy as all hell
-a couple pieces actually did crack
-my Laguna glazes disappeared on the test pieces

So- back to the drawing board, wherever that thing is.

Does anyone have experience firing Laguna mid-range glazes to ^6? I got a couple of matte glazes to try out, but I think taking them to ^6 defeated the matte quality and the color. What do you all think?

Also does anyone have experience with enamels? Like, how do they work exactly?


Mel said...

sorry, did not see your reply to the other link. but in the meantime this whole issue came up on Twitter and people's blogs about copying... weird how this happens :-)

i think you made these pieces your own. although some techniques look like some other ppl's i still think these are very unique. i like!

Linda Starr said...

I've used a few Laguna cone 6 matt glazes with a very slow cool firing schedule and they were fine, but each one reacts differently depending on the clay body.

Jesse Lu said...

Okay... now I'm kinda ticked off. I haven't seen Kelly King's work in ages and just now whilst researching galleries for a class assignment I am confronted with this:


I think K. King is not only using Navajo wheel but also our decorative imaginations have become telepathically tangled somehow and I am not comfortable with it. Especially since she is so much better than me. ::screaming on the inside::

World- is this a cruel f-ing joke or what? Please stop taunting me.

barbaradonovan said...

Very frustrating I know. There tends to be trends in pottery like anything else, so there is bound to be unintentional overlap. I remember seeing Adelaid Pauls pots with animals way way back in the day when she still made pots in grad school and thinking "oh my gosh. she's making the pots I want to be making and WAY better...Arrgh!" Of course since then we've headed off into far flung different directions. There was a time when it was hard not to see Posey Bocopolus' pots (or anybody doing majolica with plant imagery for that matter) as being Linda Arbuckle, but you wouldn't make that mistake anymore as PB has made that work her own. As you keep working and progress, it will all work itself through.

FetishGhost said...

There is so much entanglement going on at the moment. I think its from all the passive viewing of work that we do day after day. So many of us are making leaps forward based on what we all see. It's not too surprising that we are pulling the "Hundredth Monkey" and moving in similar directions together. Don't get frustrated... work more and the issue will resolve itself.

Laura said...

I take my Laguna glazes to cone 5 with consistant results. Less so at cone 6. Good luck!

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