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Off Subject: Orly Cogan

Orly Cogan has figured something out. When I think about artists taking traditional crafts and using them to create fine art, I don't think of many success stories. Orly Cogan is an exception. Her work pushes boundries, makes you think, looks beautiful, is impeccably executed, and still stays true to the roots of the craft.  I've got to figure this secret out.

(images via My Love for You Is a Stampede of Horses, Mr X Stitch, Magpie and Whiskeyjack, The Rathaus, and Hammer Gallery)


Mel said...

are those "handkerchiefs"? my grandma told me to always carry one with me - would definitely whip those out every time I'd have the chance to!

Linda Starr said...

Amazing work.

Jesse Lu said...

Mel- Glad you like. Cogan is super rad. Yes, some of her work is on handkerchiefs. She uses tablecloths and bed sheets as well. This is some of her tamer work... If you like it you should check her website for more.

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