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Setting the Table: A Moody, Romantic Pantry

So I thought I might try a new idea here on the Mud Bucket. I think there are many potential pottery aficionados out there in the world, especially in the design world, who just don't really know what contemporary potters have to offer them or don't know where to find handmade wares to their taste. They may know how to find beautiful furniture or nice linens but when it comes to decking their cupboards and tables the handmade design train comes to a screeching halt.

Now, I have my opinions as to why this happens, for one- trying to navigate Etsy to find pottery that suits your interior aesthetic is worse then having your teeth pulled, but that's another post, another day. For now I've decided to give folks an idea of how someone can outfit their entire kitchen nook or dinning room in beautiful handmade pottery. Each 'Setting the Table' post will start with an inspirational photo of a kitchen, breakfast nook, dinning room, etc. Then I will pull from deep  inside my mental filing cabinet of contemporary potters that I love, pieces that would fit in such a room, aesthetically speaking.

Anyone excited yet?

 So... to begin. I love the photo above. This pantry, which I imagine to be part of an equally lovely kitchen, feels moody with all the dark and brooding colors. The chipped paint on the shelves and the reaching branches with white blossoms lend a certain romance to the shot. The coke bottle, vintage canisters, and label-wearing recycled jars keep this room from feeling unattainable or unrealistic. 

First I'd set the mood a bit more by lighting some flickering candles in a set of swirling taper holders by Lora Groton Rust and bringing in another rustic bouquet in a striking vase by Diana Fayt.

Then I'd set the table with these undulating dishes by Monica Ripley ($50 each for similar) and floral bowls from Molly Hatch. Stamped tumblers by Kristen Kieffer ($50 each) would be at every setting, of course, for water, iced tea, or a cocktail.

Before serving any of the delicious rustic Italian meal I just cooked... from scratch... I'd make sure there were these middle-eastern inspired trivets from Sanam Emami on the table so my cast iron wouldn't scorch the finish. Then I'd bring out an intricately textured butter dish by Sandi Pierantozzi and some modern salt and pepper cellars by Rae Dunn ($42) so people can fine tune their own flavors.

The table service would include a blackberry herb cocktail in this gorgeous Julie Wiggins' pitcher. I would serve the main dishes like pesto gnocchi and lemon-herb roasted chicken on Joseph Pintz's rustic-modern trays ($80 for similar). A fresh spring mix salad with strawberries and mozzarella tossed in a tart vinaigrette would appear in one of Josie Jurcenzia's gorgeous rose bowls ($175).

Bellies stuffed and after a quick rest, I would go to the kitchen to pull some tea and coffee from Tyra Forker's charmingly wonky jars. I'd brew the caffeinated beverages in a pair of Neil Patterson's hand-carved tea and coffee pots. Poured into Allison McGowan's darling button-stamped mugs and sweetened with cream and sugar from Whitney Smith's turquoise Dogwood cream and sugar set ($88), no coffee or tea will have ever tasted better.

But oops... don't forget desert! A berry tart would look smashing on this 'teardrop' cake stand from Jeanette Zeis ($135).

So, there you go. A beautiful kitchen theoretically equipped with beautiful handmade pottery. It took some time but it was fun, and if you take your time collecting it should be affordable and more satisfying when complete.

So, what do you think? Would you like to eat here? I definitely would. I'm already looking forward to the next kitchen.


If you have a photo that you'd like to see with a 'Table Setting' shoot me an email. I love a challenge.

(pantry image by SomeThingsIKnow via Desire to Inspire; pottery images from arist's websites and Etsy shops)


Heedless said...

Nice collection!

Ron said...

Very cool!! Great idea.

Mel said...

this is so nice! i love the pantry and really like the idea of setting up the table!

andrea said...

So honored to have my pantry featured! You shared some really cool pottery here.

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