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Mug of the Month: December

This weekend I made an unplanned stop at the Bizarre Bazaar with my best friend and her girlfriend. Once we arrived I remembered that Hue Yang was going to have a booth at the fair and I be-lined for her spot immediately (after a quick nibble at the Chairman Bao food truck of course). It was so lovely to finally meet Hue in the real world as I've been following her blog and adoring her work for some time now. I had planned on purchasing one of Hue's mugs as part of this collection from the beginning but was waiting to be able to choose from a large selection in real life because she has so many wonderful characters and I wanted to be able to find me favorite one.

So, I chose the Koala. Because koalas are one of the cutest creatures ever and I loved the way his cute mug filled up so much space on this, well, mug. Hue's trademark is that each creature has a little quote written on the other side of the mug in Chinese. The koala on this mug is saying "I like to eat while I sleep," something I can relate to as a bit of a foodie myself. I gotta say, Hue's handles are soooo comfortable. I love that!

I also picked up one of Hue's shot glasses, because I just can't get enough of her sweet little illustrations.  This little bugger comes with a snail on front and "Cheers!" written on back in Chinese. Last night I used him to sip a little bit of whiskey while I decked my Christmas tree. I hope he didn't get too tipsy!

If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area, you must come to the Renegade Craft Fair. I will be there on Saturday manning the SFSU Textile Guild's booth and having an all around good time. But there will also be so many fantastic ceramic artists including Hue, Sara Paloma, Rae Dunn, Paula Lopez, and Whitney Smith.

Well, that wraps up the collection... I'll soon share a post with photos of all the mugs together so you can see the collection how I see it everyday. :) Stay tuned...


Linda Fahey said...

I got me a couple hippo shot glasses! Yay! Hue is the best.

Hue said...

yay!! you guys are the best!! the backdrop is so perfect!! and the other koala is checking you out! Cute!! see you this weekend :-)

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