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Lynda Draper

I adore these contemporary figurines by Lynda Draper. They are so modern and folksy at the same time. I came accross them again recently on The Jealous Curator and thought I must share some of them with my lovely readers. They seem so appropriate for the simple fact that I am here in Montana right now and though there is snow all over the ground and mountains, it's melting quickly. The temperature has been super warm, in the thirties, and we haven't seen a single snowflake since we left Oregon. Bummer. These little creatures are a replacement for the snowman I am dying to make. I hope some of you out there have been able to make some fancy snowman this holiday season so far! :)
(images via Dear Ada and Stella Downer Gallery)

1 comment:

Linda Fahey said...

simplicity rules! very nice.

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