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Studio Time: From my first firing at Red Brick

Alrighty folks... there she is. The contents of my first glaze firing at Red Brick Studio all by my own self.

Excuse me while I have a moment.


Ehem. Okay, well this was a highly successful first firing. Several pieces came out wonderfully and I learned a lot about the materials I've been using. Even the pieces that came out like "Wha-wha-whaaaaaah" gave me a heck of a lot of valuable information such as... Mint green, chartreuse, and orange (as below) are where it's at. Navajo Wheel goes deep chocolate brown under a clear glaze. The white slip is too cloudy over that chocolate brown, but the underglazes are killer directly on top of it. The brushing glaze seeps beyond its original edges and some of the underglazes flux, hence the perfume bottles below are cute but completely non-functional. Also, some of the underglazes fizz up over the glaze and cause lava-look when applied too thickly (you can see it in the third photo down if you click and make it bigger).

The final lesson? Run with it girl! And don't be afraid to fire things. You can do it!

Here's the test pot with the Navajo Wheel. Can you kinda see what I mean about the white slip? Yuck. To see more shots of the good stuff, you can check the gallery on my website.

Ugh. Also I just applied for the Design*Sponge 2010 Scholarship. I'm very nervous. I wrote about 1700 words total (that's not even close to the maximum they assigned) about how awesome and deserving I am. It was like pulling teeth. Trying to come across as confident when all you can think about is how many awesome students are going to be applying for this scholarship is sooooo hard. And then on top of that you have to sound interesting and intelligent and promising. I'm a nervous wreck. But I really want this. So badly.

If I end up as a finalist, I'm going to really count on all of you, my wonderful readers, to rally behind me, because the winners will be chosen by a reader vote. Will you do that? Please say yes.

1 comment:

Linda Fahey said...

Lu Uh UUUUUVVVEE the second to the last cup! Love. BRAVO - great results! Imagine the second firing how awesome that will be!!

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