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Mug of the Month: October

Here is my October mug made by my friend and studio-mate, Amy Horn. Amy is an incredible thrower and is especially talented when it comes to shaping pots.  I fell in love with this mug the minute I saw it come out of the kiln, though, to be honest I didn't get my hands on it until this past Monday night. It will, however, forever be my SF Giants World Series Mug! I was drinking from it the moment the game was called and I will never forget that night or this entire season! 

The GIANTS are Number One, baby, and so is this lovely mug!

And a little bit more of a close up... :)


Lizet said...

haha, cool mug the handle postition is unique!

Linda Fahey said...

amy is so awesome! love that mug and that mug!!!

Jesse Lu said...

Yeah the handle position is different. It works for me perfectly as I prefer to hold my mugs around the body versus through the handle, but having a little handle to secure my grasp feels comfy. With the hourglass shape it's just right.

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