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Debra Fritts

Debra Fritts is a contemporary ceramics A-lister. Her way with texture, color, incorporation of other sculptural materials, figure and countenance, are all so very alluring. I especially love the details I see in her work... for instance the little yellow dot on the knee of the figure above. How fantastic! Has anyone seen her work in person? What is it like in person?

(images via Santa Fe Clay and Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts)


Judy Shreve said...

Debra's work is fantastic. And she's also an amazing teacher. (I was an apprentice for a couple of years at ACW where she is a director & teaches part of the year - now).

I've gotten to take a couple of classes from her and enjoy her work in person -- it's fabulous! I recommend a workshop with her whenever you can.

Jesse Lu said...

I certainly hope I get to take a workshop with her one day. I'd love to learn her ideas about incorporating alternative materials into ceramic sculpture.

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