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Video: Eva Hild

Uh. This is freakin' crazy. One- I love LOVE love Eva Hild. Two- Look at that grog. Three- look at how gigantic and quick her sculpting is and all with her hands and water! Four- Damnit, I wish I knew what she was saying. Can anyone translate?



I wish I knew what she was saying too... :(
Even so, it's a very interesting video... I never thought she used such a grogged clay for her sculptures...Thanks for posting!

Annbritt Schm├╝tzer said...

Hello. I have never heard of her and then I have still been around a long time and is professional potter.She is talking about going up in a larger format and to cast in metal as brons.She is also tell you what these sculptures mean to her!

Jesse Lu said...

Ah, thank you Annbritt! Did you catch what they mean?

lola coca-cola said...

Did anyone ever get a good translation? I've been working on trying to get someone to translate for me and also tried with an iphone app but so far nothing has been very accurate...

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