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Ted Adler

Sometimes I find myself annoyed by abstract, earthy sculpture... pieces that look like the artist picked them up off the ground and placed them straight on the pedestal.  But Adler's work, though it fits the mentioned characteristics, reminds me that this aesthetic, when done with great skill, really is beautiful.  These pieces remind me of nature-perfected river stones... coveted miracles of the geological world.  Adler has created shapes and surfaces that effortlessly invoke these treasures, seducing the viewer. 


(images via accessCeramics, Lawrence Arts Center, and ArtAxis)


Linda Fahey said...

ha! i know it may sound silly - but they remind me of sumo wresters...I mean that in a complimentary way. They are gorgeous - and they "also" do invoke a very natural aesthetic - just gets me thinking of big guys in nappies...is that wrong?

Mel said...

As I am reading Linda's comment, I totally agree on the sumo wrestler... nice comparison! I love the soft curvy feel of these pieces! Very female, yet bold and full. Good choice and thanks for sharing! Do you know by any chance, if the first picture is of a functional piece? A bottle, maybe? Or a vase?

Anonymous said...

Appears to be a vase, it has a small opening in the top.
-Tualluxi Frink

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