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Sandi Pierantozzi

I think that Sandi Pierantozzi is a great example of how to maintain a certain consistency in the style of your work while still freely exploring different patterns, shapes, and techniques.  These pieces all offer a unique visual experience but they still sit next to one another so peacefully, so naturally.  On another note, I love the buttery feel of these shapes. They are so smooth and pillowy.  I think it might shock me to hold one and experience the actual weight of the object. I love it when that happens! ;)

(images via artist's website and The Clay Studio)


Kings Creek Pottery said...

Her pots certainly cry out to be held and fondled!

Love them, thanks for sharing.

JOMAR S.L. said...

Hey I love your pictures, and I want to talk you about my new blog, http://alfareriajomar.blogspot.com,there are very nice pictures about what we make here in Spain, Agost(Alicante). I hope you like it. Bye!

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