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Emily Schroeder

Ugh... Dreamy... I love the bassinet shape of these pieces, the cloud motif, the pinches texture... I am totally inspired and struggling now between heading to the studio to pinch out some pots or take a walk in the gorgeous sun that I know won't be here for long in San Francisco...

Plus Schroeder makes these fantastic illustrations of fountains which seem like just the most splendid thought on such a gorgeous spring day!

(images via accessCeramics and artist's website)


Linda Fahey said...

I was just looking at Emily's work yesterday getting all envious. I love it. I love the pinchy surface and the daintyness - it's so ceramic-y goodness!

how did the test go?

Jesse Lu said...

I know... these pieces totally inspired me. I went to the studio and straight away started pinching out some mugs. I'm pretty stoked on what I made... Can't wait to glaze them!

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