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Hi all my fabulous readers...

Just wanted to let you know I'm taking a break from blogging just through Wednesday.

I've got a hellacious midterm coming up... Survey of Asian Art History. I will be studying every waking minute until Wenesday morning and resting the rest of Wednesday.

I'll be back in action on Thursday.

If you need something fun to read, even if you don't... Please go visit my friend Linda's blog- We Swim with Fishes. She blogs daily with some fantastic ceramic inspiration.

Wish me luck!

~@~ Jesse Lu ~@~

(image of Joe Page's work via his website)


Jerry said...

Good luck on that midterm!!

Linda Fahey said...

kick some A on your Mid Jesse Lu!
Best of luck!

...and thanks 2.

please sir said...

Best of luck on your exams!!

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