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Weekend Rewind

... or a couple weekends. I've been super dooper busy. God, I can't even believe I've managed as many posts as I have. I'm almost finished with the semester- only one more paper to write... and then it's finito!

Anyway... onto the posts I think you should give a double take:

Loren Kaplan: Gorgeous porcelain objets de lumiere. Take a peek, then tell me how you feel about the use of porcelain in industrial design.

Open 4 Discussion: DIY Tools: Mix buckets of glaze with a toilet brush, plus more. Also, I was hoping we'd get more of a round up of useful tool ideas. Pauline offered up a side gig for silly putty.

Studio Contest: I'm reminding you again. Make a video. Enter the contest.

Maria Kristofersson: I've never seen a cooler set of clocks. I'm dreaming about one of these grand-puppies. What do you think about the intersection between art and product?

Mineo Mizuno: It's like a giant ceramic terrarium egg. I'm totally trying this.

Julie Moon: Awesome color, great texture, totally abstract and funky. Very well executed as well, I might add.

Alrighty, McMighties... I'll see ya Monday. I hope you are all having a brilliant December weekend!


FetishGhost said...

Your blog just keeps getting better and better! Love it!

Jesse Lu said...


Alexis L. of One Grand Home said...

The Loren Kaplan work is simply lyrical. *Swoon*

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