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Open 4 Discussion: DIY Tools

I stumbled on this list of DIY ceramic tool ideas the other day when trying to figure out if I could make my own slab bevel. Like I said yesterday, I'll take a Dirty Girls slab bevel instead, my time is precious at this point in my life. But this list is neat and I wanted to share it with you.

My favorite tips? Petroleum jelly to slow drying proccess, white glue instead of wax resist in a pinch, and using a toilet brush to mix glazes. Genius.

A couple tips from myself? Floss as a cutting wire in a pinch, attach fishing bobbers to your shammies so they float in your water, wine corks + sewing needles = best scoring tool ever. Actually none of those are my own tips... Just the ones from friends that I love. I'm not that clever.

So it's Open 4 Discussion: Who else has DIY tool secrets they want to share?

(image via Apartment Therapy)


Pauline said...

Silly Putty as a resist on complicated texture, etc that you want to glaze differently after dipping piece. Peels off, washes and is reusable. Can also make disc shaped and stick to bottom instead of waxing. Economical, get several "eggs" of the stuff at the dollar store. Not to be left on at firing.

Jesse Lu said...

Wow Pauline, thanks for that great tip. I would have never thought...

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