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The purpose of blogging as an artist...

...is networking. Period. Okay, and also inspiring.


Hue said...

true that!!

ang said...

oh.. well said..

Judy Shreve said...

Hear Hear -- I read your request to follow your blog on Matt's blog -- I did -- so will you follow mine > www.mountainhousestudios.blogspot.com

Thanks - I've visited & enjoyed your blog before!

Michael Kline said...

Network, network. I have to say that the line is a little blurry, but I find that blogging to me has become a lot more than just networking. I look at my work in a different way through the lens of the camera, writing about things clarifies the questions I might not even know I'm asking. It helps to materialize the subconscious just like answering questions aloud at a workshop does. It's about sharing information, getting feedback, and building the community.

I haven't been able to justify the time I spend on the blog monetarily, although I just got my first Google check last week! It's hard to tell how directly or indirectly the blog adds to the pocketbook. It's just one more way of adding to the diverse mix that a contemporary potter has to have to survive in today's world. So yes, it is about getting "the word out" and it can have different impacts on different people.
For me, keeping the blog has become woven into my routine, just like mixing clay, painting pots, firing the kiln, et. al. have. I'm a little surprised that I can't imagine doing my work without it.

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