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Gimme Tools

I realized that for Christmas I want tools. And an electric Makita power drill would be nice but I'm thinking more along the lines of a Dirty Girls slab bevel or a Mud Tools curly wire along with a set of their flexi-ribs. And of course a nice electric wheel would be unbelievable (and inappropriate at this juncture) but for now a new ceramics glaze book would be nice, too, one with some good info and recipes for mid-range glazes. Any suggestions?

Is anyone else asking for things for their studio this holiday season or birthday?


courtsclosed said...

i've got 2 make-shift edge bevelers that I let my students use. They pretty much fight over them when they're not in their special place to be used. Plus they're like the only tool the kids put back clean! The sculpture teacher had his kids make them for me. I could post a pic if you'd like... but then again that one is pretty darn sweet!

Jesse Lu said...

OOoh, could you post a pic? That would be awesome!

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