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Jasna Sokolovic

Linda over at We Swim with the Fishes just posted about an artist that I've been meaning to share with you. Jasna Sokolovic is wonderful and I highly encourage you to step over to Linda's blog and take a look.  While you're there you should take a thorough look around.  Linda has a wonderfully inspired blog that I love reading.  She also makes charming pottery and sculptures... ;)  Thanks for posting, Linda!

(image via artist's own website)


Linda Fahey said...

How funny; I wrote about her today as well! Love her work.

donna said...

I saw her on That's Clever (an HGTV show) a few weeks ago. She is so charming. I just loved her and the inspiration. I am working on flat surfaces with drawing and decals and she draws also.

This leads me to wonder about art pricing in this recession. If you lower your prices quite a bit, are you devaluing the pieces you have sold in the past? Will recent customers feel this way?

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog! Great stuff here, could look for days and days!

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