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The 21st Century Glaze Project

...of no relation to The Blair Witch Project.

But for reals. This looks incredible and I just added it to the resources list on the right column. I haven't had much time to really trek through the site but I can tell you in the five minutes I spent on it, I found probably twenty-one glazes I'd love to test.

The 21st Century Glaze Project... All the cool kids are doing it.

P.S. A little excerpt from the website:

Glazing without a Ph.D. in Chemistry

The 21st Century Glaze Project is a project for and by the international ceramic community. We invite you to become a member, use the site and participate in the Project.

Benefits of Membership:
  • First, it's Free
  • 545 Free glaze recipes (growing to a thousand)
  • Each recipe will be tested by Glaze21
  • Links to color samples from major glaze manufacturers
  • Recipes include color test tiles on dark and light clay
  • The recipe print has a batch size calculator
  • Pages on residencies, classes and a page on cool tools.
  • The Project is a community effort by almost 4,000 artists and schools.
  • There are numerous articles covering many ceramic areas.
  • Access to the site is FREE to Schools, Teachers and Artists
  • ...and a lot more

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