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Kuraoka Says to Know: Patti Warashina

It's official, the semester has begun. My two studio classes are with the master potter, David Kuraoka. His energy intimidates me a bit, but I'm looking forward to what I presume will be a challenging and rewarding semester. One of the requirements for his classes is to learn about other contemporary masters and artists. Not surprisingly I'm already more than familiar with near half of the artists on the list he's provided us. I thought, however, it would be interesting to those of you reading and useful to me as a student to write about these artists here at (Mud)Bucket.

First from the list is Patti Warashina, one of my favorite ceramic sculptors. Her pedestaled figures are my favorite, though her ceramic and bronze busts are equally impressive. Their gestures, imagery, color, and mixed media details delight my eyes and imagination. The scale of these sculptures, near six feet tall each, is awe-inducing. The artist's work is characterized by a dark sense of fantasy and humor that leaves a wickedly charming impression on its viewers. Warashina is Professor Emeritus at University of Washington where she taught for over 25 years. She is largely responsible for the university's recognition as having one of the nation's finest ceramic programs. Her contribution to contemporary ceramic art can be witnessed in the plethora of younger artists she has inspired.

(images via Jane Sauer Gallery, Texas Tech University, Howard House, and artist's website)

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