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Setting the Table: Crisp Black & White

kitchen via The Things blog

vase by Sam Scott (1); canisters by Nicholas Bivins (2); soap dish by Etsy seller Ibegley (3)

plates by Kathy King (4); tumblers by Katie Queen (5); salt and pepper shakers by Connie Norman (6); bowls by Takemura Yuri (7)

serving bowl by Eric Rempe (8); pitcher by Ryan Greenheck (9); platter by White Bike Ceramics (10)

 mug by Melissa Mencini (11); teacup and saucer by Kuehn Keramik (12); teapot by Sam Chung (13); cream and sugar set by Margaret Bohls (14)


If you have a photo that you'd like to see with a 'Table Setting' shoot me an email. I love a challenge.


Just Got Home

Hello everyone,

I hope you all had a fantastic holiday.

I just got back from my 4 week road trip to Montana, Texas, and New Mexico. It was a long ride but very fun and filled with adventure.

I just wanted to let folks know that regular posting will resume in about another week or so. I've got a really full plate for the next several days, especially with school starting, so I'm going to give myself a little blog vacay.

A secret, however, is that when I do go on holiday from blogging I never stop thinking or reading about ceramics. Sometimes I have a minute or two to share an interesting link or photo on (Mud)Bucket's facebook page. So if you'd still like to see what (Mud)Bucket is thinking about off the blog, look to the right hand column and click the "Like" button on the Facebook badge.

Ok, y'all. Be back soon!


J Lu


Jennifer Forsberg

Another does of surrealist ceramic art from Swedish artist Jennifer Forsberg. My favorite image here is of the ladders... I don't know why, I just dig ladders.

(images via artist's website)

Eileen Braun

I'm absolutely head over heels for the texture and graphic nnature of Eileen Braun's work. It's so trippy!

(images via artist's website)


Off Subject: Jeff Eisenberg

I love these geo-surreaslist illustrations by Jeff Eisenberg. The shading, color palate, futurism, and line quality all have me mesmorized.

(images via artist's website)


Mike Jabbur

I am longing to find a way to get the sort of wobbly je ne c'est quoi into my work like Mike Jabbur has perfected. My favorite part of his work are the handles, I love those chunky joints don't you?

Anyone have advice on making a pinch of wonkiness look perfect?

(images via accessCeramics, Santa Fe Clay, and Art Axis)


Rick Berman

When I came accross these raku fired pieces by Rick Berman, all the reasons I love this technique came flooding back to me. I haven't had the chance to participate in a raku firing in a while, but these nebulous color bombs have me itching for another go.

How about all of you- How often to you get around to a raku fire? What's your favorite aspect of this technique?

(images via artist's website)

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