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Virginia Scotchie

Virginia Scotchie for years has been one of my absolute favorite ceramic artists. Her pieces, for the most part, lack actual functionality but their forms are in constant dialogue about function. The 'gizmo' effect created by Scotchie's unique modeling and glazing cause viewers to reach for these objects uncontrollably. We want to feel them. We want to know what they do. Scotchie's ability to shape these ambiguous objects that beg for our attention is admirable and perplexing. I strive every moment I am touching clay to do the same... make absolutely nothing from something.

In this video, towards the end you can see Scotchie's installation of spheres in the sculpture garden at the Taipei County Yingge Ceramics Museum. On her website you can watch a great video of the whole process of the installation.

(all images from artist's own website)

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