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Kathryn Finnerty

What I love most about Finnerty's work is the way she plays with positive and negative space. The shapes within these pots, created by the fine lattice-work, the curling handles, and the jutting spouts, are enough to examine for hours before you even begin to discover the texture, color, and imagery. Finnerty's work makes you consider how much room for design, style, and creativity there is in just one pot.

(images via accessCeramics with artist's permission)


claydancer said...

So fun to see your post today! These pieces are gorgeous. How is Ladies Work going?

Tracey Broome said...

My brain has a convulsion when I look at this work and think about the time that goes into each piece! Soooo beautiful!!!

Charlene Doiron Reinhart said...

Love her work. Thank you for the post.

Jenn Brazelton said...

Love this work! Thanks for posting.

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