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Find me more frequently for the time being at Folk-Art-Life.


Sidetracked for the time being...

Hello my dear readers...

I need to confess something to you. I am a bit burnt out. I love writing this blog and it has been such an amazing experience thus far, but I think I may need some time away. There have been many big changes for me in the last year or so... I've moved to a new state, I've finished college (FINALLY!), and my creative practice has shifted focus a bit.

You see, I think I need some time away from clay. We aren't getting divorced, don't worry. I just think we need some time apart so I can really figure out what I want from our relationship. While I wait for another ceramic studio opportunity here in Albuquerque, I will be busy making many other things...

I hope to spend the next couple months sewing, beading, quilting, building/restoring furniture, printmaking, embroidering, painting, weaving, drawing, training my new pup, finding a good job, exploring the Duke City, making new friends, and cooking up a storm. And I will be sharing all these fun things on a new blog, Folk-Art-Life... Think of it as The Mud Bucket's spunky kid sister.

I want you all to know, I am not abandoning this blog. I couldn't after all I've experienced with it. But it will be far and few between as far as posting goes for the next couple months. I hope you can understand and I hope you'll come stop by at Folk-Art-Life in the mean time.

Thanks, friends!

-Jesse Lu


Moving On...

Big changes.

We made it to New Mexico.

It is beautiful.

It is strange.

It is new.

Stay tuned.

(beautiful image by Wylie Maercklein via Flickr)

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