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Thank you, thank you!

Hi ya'll!

I just wanted to say thank you and tell you to give a look over there to the right. My Kickstarter Project has reached over 90% of it's goal in less than half the duration of the fundraiser. I am so grateful to everyone who has pledged and the buckets and buckets of support I've received for this series. I am so incredibly excited to get started on this work, but I have to wait until December. In the mean time I'm preparing everything I can... Making shopping lists for different stores, painting mixed media works to exercise my color thumb, and of course getting started on the rewards.

The best thing about this whole Kickstarter business is that it has actually inspired me beyond my initial ideas. I'm thinking about textiles, painting, clay, all in a new exuberant light thanks to the success of this project and the generosity of my backers.

There are still 35 days before the fundraiser ends and only $120 before I reach my pledge goal. I know I'm going to reach my pledge goal before the half way mark, I can just feel it, but that means there will be a whole month of fundraising time without any goal to meet. 

Sooo... I'm putting it out there. Any extra contributions, beyond the $1500 goal, will go to fund a following series in clay. You all know I'm stocked with supplies for ceramics, so any extra money would fund membership dues at a local ceramic studio. Not Made in China is an awesome little studio here in Albuquerque, NM and they offer monthly memberships for $107 that includes clay, firings, and equipment usage. Any donations beyond the Kickstarter goal will be used to help offset this cost.

So here's your chance (Mud)Bucket readers, to support a textile art turned ceramic art project. What is the ceramic series going to be you ask? Well, it's still developing but the essence of the work will be "service," or at least that's what my sketches tell me. (And keep your eyes peeled, once I reach my goal, a new reward will be revealed.)

Thank you again, everyone, for you help. And your unending support here on (Mud)Bucket... you all are the best readers a clay-obsessed blogger could wish for.


claydancer said...

Woo hoo! So exciting. I see you have reached for the stars and kept right on going. Congratulations and still a month to go. I'm excited about your enthusiasm and your plans. Keep up the great work!

FetishGhost said...

GoGo Girl!

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