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Studio Time: a teapot and then some

Some wet work in progress. I'm hoping that teapot makes it all the way with out twisting the wrong way in the firing process. I bumped the handle while putting something into the damp box and had to reposition it. I think it might totally ruined but we'll see. I made up some thick slip for slip trailing, I'm excited about this new possibility. Also I'm in love with the cruet set I finished a few days ago. In love.

Question, though, is that handle too big? Is the spout too small?


courtsclosed said...

spout could be a touch longer, but I REALLY like the direction you're going in. How are you planning on finishing it?

Obill said...

Looking good, but i think the spout could be somewhat longer, and the handle could be longer as well. I think you could extend the curve out another quarter inch or so, but bring the base down almost to the bottom of the body. I think that would balance the body, and make it easier to hold and pour. It might seem a bit heavy with the current handle. Those are going to be nice when glazed! Good job!

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