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Pete Scherzer

Back to some regular programming, ay? How about some delicious pots from Pete Scherzer to start us off? I love everything about these pieces, they are so complete. Do you know what I mean? Every aspect of this pottery feels so intentional and integrated with the next. The color, the clay bodies, the texture, the shape, the patterning. I would love to take a workshop with this artist. Anyone been so fortunate?

(images via Schaller Gallery and artist's website)


Kings Creek Pottery said...

These pots are SO cool!! Thank you for sharing and putting me onto Pete Scherzer~

Honest Works said...

yea man. one of my favorites. these pots are off the hook that yellow glaze is too nice. his teapots are banging too

Linda Fahey said...

love this work! I've always loved that yellow plate!

Senior Art Exhibition said...

Yeah, that yellow plate is gorgeous. It's like a flat sculpture.

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