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Studio Time: Cream and Sugar

Work in the studio is coming along slowly. I have a new, revised list of pieces to make. That is, all the pieces I failed to make over the summer and then some added bonuses. Like 30 added bonuses. Up top are the cream and sugar set and the final four cups for my whiskey set. Also a close up of my new signature stamp (it's too big but whatever for now), a salt cellar with spoon, some three-dimensional doodles, and some stamps. I also tested some beads I had laying around for textures and got some pretty awesome results. A trip to the bead store might be called for.

Update: My stamp is too big. I know. It is also too -there-. Until I make a new signature stamp I think I might just stamp the bottom rims of my piece. Also, I came up with a winning surface design tonight me thinks. I'll share as soon as I get the new pieces out of the kiln.

How do you all feel about signatures? Should they be visible or hidden? Why do you think so either way?

1 comment:

zombiecazz said...

love the salt dish and spoon.
I'm thinking about making a salt pig and spoon.

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