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Project Color Theory: Blue Butterflies

So I've been thinking a great deal about color lately. Perhaps it is the Surface Design class that I am taking at the moment or my adoration of Lauren Willhite's work over at Color Collective. It could be how much I'm struggling with color in my own work, I'm not quite sure of all the forces uniting on this one, but... they have conspired to force me into exploring color palettes via the ink dropper tool in Gimp (one of many free photo editing softwares available which are similar to Photoshop). Using some of my favorite images found on Pinterest, I've begun exploring color a bit more in depth.

After yesterday's workshop with Sharon Virtue and all the color theory talk that ensued there, I thought it might be nice to share with you some of my explorations and encourage you to try some of your own. It's actually quite fun.

P.S. More on Sharon's workshop coming up soon.

(original image via Metrolic)

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