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Leanne McClurg Cambric

Bah... I just came across this fine young lady while looking at the LSU ceramics program.  Having graduated from the MFA program in 2002, Cambric joins many other incredible ceramists as an LSU alumna, like Kurt Anderson, Debbie Kupinsky, and Andrea Keys. Isn't her work delicious? So modern and fabulously layered. I want to slice it up and nom like it's a confectionery masterpiece. 

(images via artist's Flickr)


barbaradonovan said...

I love Leanne's work. Today is my birthday and my husband just gave me one of her tumblers with a rosette spoonbill. It's wonderful. Fun coincidence to see this here just now.

Linda Fahey said...

love this work, I especially like the boxes! I see a lot of influences in her work but like how they've come together so originally!

lumsul said...

This work is amazing! What is so amazing is that it was done by someone with an MFA.
I know several fifth graders that could do just as well, if not better.

Ron said...

Leanne's work is great!! I hope to have something of her's sometime soon.

Jesse Lu said...

Lumsul... Your comment comes off as snarky and unkind. This is not the forum for that. If you have an appropriate critique of the work, please share it. But degrading and vindictive comments aren't welcome on (Mud)Bucket. Perhaps if you were more aware of the various techniques she uses and what skills they require, you wouldn't make the mistake of assuming a child with no ceramic training could create such dynamic work. Please look through the archives on this blog or visit CeramicArtsDaily to learn a little bit more about traditional technique and contemporary forms.

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