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Yoko Sekino-Bové

I know many of you are probably familiar with this Japanese-American potter. But I just had to share some of her work because it is so damn brilliant. Sekino-Bové's illustrative skill and trademark silhouette style are so dramatic and luscious. I think this is something I might try in my own work at some point... decorating with black underglaze and coating in bright, colorful, transparent glazes.

(images via Gallery Up, Northern Clay Center, Fetish Ghost's blog, and Isadore Gallery)


Linda Fahey said...

Gor or or or GEEE OUUUS!!! gorgeous.
they are so good! wow.

jovile said...

I love the squid one. and the one with flower pattern on a plate, gee, i like all of them, superb work!

FetishGhost said...

Yoko took 3rd place in this years "Visions In Clay" exhibition. For me, it was a sincere pleasure getting to handle all of the work she submitted in this exhibition.
She has fantastically refined sense of balance and surface. LOVE her work!

Mark said...

Hi Jesse
I stumbled onto your blog and what a lovely breath of fresh air.


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