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Hurry, "Best Foot Forward" Charitable Auction

Please take a minute to visit the Charlie Cummings Gallery website and see if you can participate in a charity auction that is being held in support of a student who was recently injured severely- to help with the insane hospital bills. An insane number of artist's have donated pieces to the auction including Kevin Snipes, Martha Grover, Ayumi Hori (above), Kari Radasch, Josh Deweese, and Lorna Meaden. Plus there are even subscriptions to Ceramics Monthly and pottery tools for those of us who wish we could give more.

The Auction Ends Monday, September 27th at 11pm.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I just found it, and I'm going to try. A car bit off my foot about 13 or 14 years ago, and though not the worst thing in life, it is different. There is no such thing as phantom pain; there is severe nerve damage that lessens over time, albeit a constant sensation of being plugged into a wall socket, occasionally ramping up to wired into a transformer (rare now). Help the boy out; I'm headed back to look over offerings now.

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