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Dear, dear, lovely, interesting, talented readers,

I have made a rather momentous decision regarding (Mud)Bucket that I find only fair to enact with a few spoonfuls of explanation.

I am consolidating my accounts. Sounds dangerous, I know.

Technically, this means that (Mud)Bucket will now feature not only all the wonderful ceramic tidbits that you have all come to love and depend on, but, in addition, will be accompanied by musings from my first and more personal blog, Everyday Object

Don't fear.

These tidbits need not overwhelm you. There will be an option available for all of you hardcore ceramics-only enthusiasts to subscribe to (or peruse) only ceramics related posts. I understand that for some ceramists, too much of the outside world can delineate your focus.

Some might be wondering what these other sprinkles of Jesse Lu are likely to consist of? Well, in my other life, I am an art student currently focusing on textile arts, so I guess a bit of textile related frivolity.  In my other life, I also am inspired by things not only ceramic- beautiful pictures, super cool artists, mind-trip videos, handcrafted edibles, jig-worthy tunes, crafty projects, etc.You can expect the random dash of these as well.

I know, I know. It is nice to have a blog that truly features 90% ceramic content and is updated almost, totally regularly. I will continue to post as much ceramic content as I would if I were maintaining these blogs separately. The thing is, I am a full-time studio-art student, part-time studio artist, part-time coffee slinger, full-time friend and part-time lover as well (I ain't gonna lie, life's not perfect); so, managing two full-time blogs is slightly out of the question for this reality.

(Mud)Bucket will remain heartily rooted in the ceramics arts... now it will simply be branching out and blossoming in reflection of my own experience.

I hope you stick around to see what happens, and please, as always, I invite you to let me know what you think.

A blogger sincerely yours, 

Jesse Lu

P.S. I gave myself these awful bruises yesterday rolling out huge slabs of clay by hand. Any tricks for doing this without maiming myself again?


Linda Starr said...

Hey I can't quite picture how you got those bruises. I compress my clay with the back of my hand and then roll with a rolling pin, flipping the slab over and over again. Never got any bruising. Now I have gotten a bruise from a slab roller wheel slapping back on me.

Anna said...

Try using a rolling pin instead of your arms next time :^)
Good grief what were you doing??
Perhaps your clay was too hard??
Take care :^)

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