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@ unknown via Solid Frog

Unexpected color makes me very, very happy...

Color inspires joy... and unexpected joy, suprising joy is such a great thing...

Maybe that's why I wear such bright colors all the time.

I thought I'd share some photos I've come across lately whilst perusing other blogs. 

These photos all capture that love for color that I'm speaking of...

How does color make you feel? Are there certain colors that inspire you or are you like me, a complete sucker for them all?

1 comment:

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

You've selected the right season for color appreciation, that is for sure. I tend toward neutrals and muted tones and bits of brighter more dominant color. The colors that have real punch mean more to me when seen in a field of neutral. Does that make any sense? It's how I feel today, at 1:53pm. This feeling might change tomorrow : ) Enjoy all of the color popping up out there.

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