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Lorna Meaden

Lorna Meaden is a prolific modern potter.  Her work is as sculptural as it is functional which reminds us of the significance of common objects.  An idea I hold close to heart is that we can make our lives more beautiful by choosing to fill our everyday with works of art.  Drinking from a beautiful vessel, curling up underneath a handmade afghan, or slipping into a pair of fine crafted shoes might in these times give us pause to consider the small moments in our lives for which we can be grateful.  This is not to comment on affordability or luxury, but just to say that art in the everyday has a potentially great purpose.  I think this is part of Meaden's statement with her work.  She composes her pieces so thoughtfully, and this transfers to the appreciator.  I must assume that one is compelled to think about the beauty and grace of her work when pouring from one of the artist's teapots or sipping from one of her punch cups.  Even a swig of whiskey would take on new heights, I think, if enjoyed from one of her incredible flasks.

Have any of you seen her work in person? Please comment if you have been so lucky...

(from top down images via Ferrin Gallery, Art Axis, Red Lodge Clay Center, The Clay Studio, and again Art Axis)


Arthur Halvorsen said...

I have seen and own a tumbler made by Lorna. I saw it last year and this past year at the show in Demerast NJ, really cool stuff. You didn't show it but I really love her watering cans. They are HUGE! and know of anyone else making ceramic watering cans? I don't, I think its also reminiscent of old English tea service. I'm talking about the punch look bowl with the hooks to hang the cups off of. I love it! And to top it off she does the Mishima technique that Julia Galloway and Molly Hatch do as well. Really nice way to break up the ground that is on the surface of the pots.

Ron said...

Lorna is going to be one of the presenters at the NC Potter's Conference in March. I am looking forward to seeing her make pots for 2 days and also seeing her finished pots in the gallery.

Hue said...

Her work will be show in the TRAX gallery from this saturday to next month with nine other awesome artist!! you should check it out :-)


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