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Cary Esser

I'm really loving Esser's tiles at the moment. I've never really cared for tile work but these are just so gorgeous I can't help but be inspired by them. I think it must be the combination of color, pattern, and shape.

(images via artist's website)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse, Mo Dickens here. I accidentally came across your MudBucket blog this evening and was happily surprised to find my wife's tiles as your latest post. Cary is currently doing a residency at the Northern Clay Center in Minneapolis, and while she is away from the Kansas City Art Institute her classes are being taught by Misty Gamble. I see you and Misty both studied ceramics at San Francisco State. The tile that you have at the top of the post about Cary is six feet tall and four feet wide. It is in a gazebo at the Archie Bray Foundation in Montana. The three on the bottom are part of a series called Labyrinths. They weigh about 100 pounds each. A couple of the Labyrinth pieces are currently on display at the Museum of Art and Archaeology on the campus of the U. of Missouri. I'm glad I discovered your blog!
Mo Dickens, Kansas City, MO

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