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Piñata Pendant DIY



So... This lamp project caught my eye a while back on Apartment Therapy.  The scotch tape and wax paper seemed a little temporary, though, and turned me off of the otherwise gorgeous project.  Likewise, even though the lamp looks absolutely ethereal in white, I'm more of a COLOR! COLOR! COLOR! girl if you haven't already noticed. So the other day I decided to bite the proverbial bullet and dig into another project I would normally only fantasize about completing. I headed out with a shopping list and acquired a yard of gorgeous mint green linen, a nine inch paper lantern, and a 'Make Your Own Lamp' kit. The result? The Piñata Pendant, inspired by the wax paper makeover which was previously inspired by this gorgeous (totally DIY-able) ostrich number.  Oh, how creativity evolves!

 Step 1.  Gather your materials, folks! You need about one yard of fabric. It can really be almost anything and any color.  Just remember- the thinner and lighter the much much brighter.  I'd consider using organza for a more romantic look and felt for a more sculptural look. Also you'll need a high temp glue gun and many, many glue sticks and, of course, a blank nine inch paper lantern.  Oh yes and a hanging light cord of sorts.


Step 2. Cut it up. Your fabric should be cut into strips about 2 cm by 8 cm.  Cut up most of your fabric, trust me, you'll need way more than you think.  And cutting them up right away saves you the trouble of cutting more whilst in the middle of gluing.


Step 3. Start gluing.  Working from the bottom up glue rows of strips around lantern with about 3 cm space between tops of strips.  You're going for the layered look.  Really the spacing is up to you but I found this created a full cover with few 'bald' spots and a nice depth of transparency. 


Step 4. Keep gluing. Don't get discouraged when you start to realize how long this project is going to take.  I think I spent about 5 hours all together. For a second I thought I was crazy until I saw the finished product.  Then I was overcome with conceit at my crafty prowess.  Don't worry, you will be, too. One quick note- I forgot to take a photo of the last couple rows.  This is where it gets a little trickier.  You'll have to shorten your strips a little for the last couple rows to get the same layered effect.  On the last row glue the strips so they fold over the top edge of the lantern to the inside.  This will give it a finished look. 


Et voilá! Ça c'est finis...


And it looks great both night and day. Fabulous!

(first two images via Apartment Therapy)

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Heidi said...

very nice! i loved the wax one too, from AT

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