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Studio Time: Sharing

Okay... here are a couple tumblers I got out of the kiln the other day. I dunno if they are tumblers or cups or yunomis or what... but here they are anyway. These are RIO (red iron oxide) under shino, cone 8 on porcelain. More photos soon.

P.S. Sorry for the awful glare and amateur shots. I just wanted everyone to be able to see the details. And now rather than later, as in after I pull my photo box out of storage and wait for the morning light.


Michael Kline said...

I like the stripes! Will you do anything in the "blank" areas/windows?

onegrandhome said...

I love both pieces and I really like how the applied decoration works on the form as well as how the heavily patterned areas work on the negative space. So nice.

Jesse Lu said...

Nothing in the windows. These are finished pieces. Like Alexis said... the negative space is there to balance the busy-ness of the RIO and the natural variation of the shino.

Sommer Olivia said...

Hi Jesse! These really are lovely, I particularly like how the straight lines accent the curvy form of the piece. The colors work well together too. I'm just starting out with ceramics and would love to know how you applied the patterns and lines. Thanks so much for sharing and I enjoy reading your blog every day!

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