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Kuraoka Says to Know: Michael Lucero




I actually really like Lucero's work.  The abstraction of shape, the violent use of color,  the sneaky imagery... it all adds up to sculptures that I could look at for hours.  The artist pulls his inspiration from across many cultures including Native American, African, and European. Lucero was born and raised in my very own sunny California where he still makes art today.  He is both a Humboldt State and University of Washington Alum.

(images via Duane Reed Gallery, Northern Clay Center, artnet Magazine, and Rockland Center for the Arts; artist portrait via Carnegie Magazine)


Linda Fahey said...

It is something to stare at one of his pieces; it takes concentration and it is arresting!!

thanks for the post; excellent!

Shelley said...

Like the use of the word Violent in your description

Andrew G. Meyer said...

This work is like a new take on Sunkoo Yuh. I got to see a piece of his in the Lacoste Gallery a month or so ago. Like 10k for it lol!!!

Jesse Lu said...

I think it might be the other way around, Andrew. Lucero has been a professional artist since the late seventies. I bet Sunkoo Yuh is taking a lot of his inspiration from Lucero.

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