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Kuraoka Says to Know: Kurt Weiser





Kurt Weiser is crazy talented.  I haven't even stepped anywhere close to the world of china paints... I don't have the patience that takes.  Thank goodness Weiser does because his pieces are so wonderful!

(images via Bellevue Arts, Ferrin Gallery, American Craft Magazine; portrait via Arizona State University)


FetishGhost said...

My wife and I are both ex-students of Kurt Weiser's from Arizona State University back in the 1990's. One of the things he did at the time that I really didn't give him credit for, was to put fantastic works created by other artists directly in our hands to explore. Getting to a genuinely "feel" fine craftsmanship with our own hands gave us a good idea of what the Potters Art could be and what to strive towards.

Alexis L. of One Grand Home said...

My goodness. It's like .... bucolic meets Dali.

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