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I'm calling it cozy for the day...

Well, I suppose the warm weather days are over for a while.  It's one of those lovely rainy days in San Francisco where the rain is more of a mist and falls lightly over everything.  The largest drops of water are falling from the ends of drain pipes and balcony rails.  My garden is sparkling in the delicate rain, savoring every tiny droplet. 

I can hear the sweet dripping that more often reminds me of springtime outside my window, but the gray and chill remind me it is November.  I was planning on going into school to help with the studio and work on a little bit of glazing, but this weather changed my mind.  All I want to do today is stay at home with me honey, writing boring humanities papers, drinking warm beverages, waxing a few pit fire pieces, and listening to some cozy music.

My rainy day recommendations?

Caramel Rum Rooibos tea from Lupicia with a splash of milk. A mix of Lavender Diamond, Lex Land, Basia Bulat, Horse Feathers, Beirut, and Emily Jane White playing on iTunes.  Thinking about Deleuze's Postscript on the Societies of Control and Watchmen, the comic and film. And candle's glowing around the house.

What are your rainy day favorites?

(image via Flickr member .dust.bunny.)

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