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Past Perfection: Wedgwood

Blogger Amy Azzaritto recently wrote a brilliant post for Design*Sponge on the history of Josiah Wedgewood. It's brief but chock full of wonderful images and great information. It definitely makes you want to read more... Thank goodness she included a further reading list! I plan on reading Dolan's Wedgewood: The First Tycoon as soon as I have the time. The company celebrates its 250th Anniversery this year. Talk about longevity.

(image via Antique Helper)


Alexandra Z. said...
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Alexandra Z. said...

Thanks for this. I've long adored Wedgwood but never bought any because I felt it was too prim, precious, restrained and the motifs too old world European. But now I am thinking that this might be what my too-much-Mid Century home needs right now.

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