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Hey YOU!


I know you're reading this.

And that's completely awesome.

If you weren't, I'd be so majorly bummed.

I know I don't ask a lot of questions here, but I'd really like to know about YOU.

I'd like to know about what you create, who you are inspired by, if you are a student or a struggling studio potter, what you'd like to know more about, how your workspace suits you, what you wish there was more of regarding ceramics in the blogosphere, etc...

Anyway... Please let me know.

You can use the comment section.

Or email us ... and by us I mean the singular me.

Your thoughts are always appreciated. ;) I love comments.


Jesse Lu

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh the eternal question...Who is behind the pageviews? I am sooo tempted to write a post like this of my own. Isn't the level of lurkering just maddening?

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