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Jason Walker

I went looking back into an old notebook for class for some inspiration the other day and came across a collection of inspiring images I had gathered years ago. I decided to look up several of the artists and the most amazing thing happened. I discovered new work from most of the artists since the time I had compiled the images for my private enjoyment, and, to boot-- the new work was all fantastically more inspiring than the original artwork I had been so intrigued by.

Jason Walker is one example of this. I first discovered his work as pottery. I was inspired by his incredible skill for painting provocative illustrations into his sculptural pottery. His hand was magnificent. It still is, but the artist's work has steered further and further into sculpture and his illustration has become infused with color as opposed to the monochromatic palate that had first captured my attention. To top it off, the statement of Walker's work has become more focused and thus even more provocative. The artist's sculpture pits nature against man in a manner that eerily exposes the reality of this rivalry.


(titled images via Hummingbird Bed & Breakfast; untitled images via Ferrin Gallery)

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