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Product. Seems a little like a dirty word when thinking about ceramic art. But when it comes down do it, ceramic design has straddled the space between art and product for as long as it has existed. It is the very nature of the material itself to inhabit the penumbral space between form and function. An extremely durable and affordable material, clay holds the potential for an infinite number of industrial uses, but the versatility of clay also lends itself to an ever-expanding vision of creative use.

I came across this line of commercial pottery, sengWare®, whilst searching for casserole dishes to highlight on my other blog, Everyday Object. The color and form of these pieces are striking and the collection is very affordable. It reminds me of commercial pottery during the mid-twentieth century- Russel Wright, Homer Laughlin, Vernon Kilns, Eva Zeisel, etc. Simple and clean lines, easily manufactured, and boldly glazed.

Personally, at prices like $13.99 (at Target) for a cream & sugar set, I want the whole collection. I might just settle for a casserole set and a pitcher at this point, however.

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