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Studio Time: Magnolia Scarf

This is my friend Melati modeling what was my 'hat' assignment for the crochet module of our textiles class. Mine is more of a hooded scarf thingy. I am particularly fond of the magnolia flower which I was inspired to create after all the magnolia trees started bursting with petals a few weeks ago. The edging is still an 'I dunno'. Mela loves it... My teacher hates it... and I'm kinda on the fence. Anyone else wanna weigh in?

Studio Tour: Lucy Bailey

I am so incredibly thrilled to bring you the first in what I hope will be a fantastic series here at (Mud)Bucket. Today, figurative artist Lucy Bailey is welcoming us into her home studio to take a sneak peek at how a fellow clay artist works. (I am completely jealous of her incredible yard and view.) I am so thankful for her enthusiasm with this new project and hope her story inspires you to create a space of your own or deepens your appreciation of the one you already have. 

So with out further ado...

Location: Outside of Columbia, SC
Studio size: 408 sq ft
Years worked in: 3
Number of studio-mates: One Chrysler Pacifica and one John Deere Gator

I can walk directly from the garage/studio into the kitchen and out to the front porch for lunch with a view.

Have you had studios before this one? No

How close is this space to your home? It’s space in my attached garage. Take a left at the kitchen and there it is. The kiln shed is about 75 feet from the garage.

How much time do you spend here? About 18 hours a week; about 40 during the summer when I have six weeks off from work.

My husband assembled a Rockler® table for my birthday and it really stands up to pounding out slabs of clay. Because it has casters, I can also roll it right out the garage door and work outside when I want. Metal trash cans altered for smoke firing can be set up just outside the garage on the driveway where they are safe to burn all night.

What is your favorite aspect of this space? My full-time paying job is that of a school psychologist. In order to have time with clay, my workspace has to be convenient to allow the efficient use of small chunks of time. I’m sure I wouldn’t be working in ceramics if I had to drive to a studio space; it just wouldn’t work in my life. I love the fact that I can leave a work in progress, slip into the house, visit with my husband, check my email, maybe work in the yard for a while, and then go back to the clay. So, the greatest thing about the space is that it is literally an integral part of my house and home life.

Any challenges you’ve come up against? The fact that my garage doesn’t have air conditioning is a challenge. In the winter it takes more willpower than I have on some days to go out there when the outside temperature is in the twenties, and in August and September I’m swimming in sweat within minutes. But the worse thing isn’t my personal comfort, it’s the effect it has on my work pace. In the winter it can take forever for clay to firm up enough for the next step and in the summer it’s all I can do to get a piece finished before it’s too dry to work with.

A tall shelf behind my office door houses work in various stages of completion as well as glazes and baskets of underglazes, paints, and supplies.

When we first spoke you mentioned that you've had to work really hard to find enough space for your work. How have you managed this? I use every nook and cranny within the house. Boxes of clay are stashed behind my desk and under my bed. Work drying slowly is moved from the garage to a shelf in the laundry room, and finally to shelves behind the door to my office, following the cool-to-warm flow of the house. I often use the kitchen counter for applying copper carbonate, cold finishes, and glaze. I keep materials for these tasks in baskets so the process is portable. It helps to have a very supportive husband when there’s clay paraphernalia everywhere!

What would a fantasy day in the studio look like to you? I would get my exercising out of the way in the morning, then work uninterrupted with three or four pieces going at a time so I can alternate between them. I’d have plenty of time for problem-solving and trying out new ideas while also working on my current series. I would take a break for lunch on the porch. Sometime in the afternoon I’d take a break to check my favorite ceramic blogs, of course!

A large shelving unit in the studio holds materials, supplies, finished works, and test tiles. Because my space is limited, I try to keep things organized and I clean the studio weekly.

What’s a real day like? During the week I come home from work, exercise, have dinner and then squeeze in an hour or so of clay before bed. A typical weekend day means juggling clay with laundry and other menial chores and errands.

If you could have one wish granted for your studio, what would it be? If you’re granting magic wishes, time is what I need, but I’d take air conditioning! Someday we may get a shed dedicated to yard equipment so more of the garage space could be used for studio purposes.

I have three work tables of varying heights, each with shelves underneath. Generally, I start pieces on the far table, rolling out slabs and building the basic forms. The middle table is best for long stretches of sitting and working. Leather-hard pieces needing detail work go on the top of the tall table.

Do you make a point of decorating your studio in anyway? No

Do you have a favorite snack while you’re working here? Diet A&W Root Beer and Quaker nacho flavored rice cakes.

What kind of music do you listen to while you work? I usually like the quiet, but sometimes I listen to a country music station.

The kiln shed houses my Skutt 1027KM and has some extra storage space.

Do you participate in any open studios events? No.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to someone creating her or his first studio space? Don’t let the fact that you lack an ideal space stop you. Get creative, make choices, and carve out a niche for yourself and just do it. I decided that keeping my truck outside instead of in the garage was an easy trade-off for setting up a work space.

A small back porch with a nice view is just at the corner of the garage. Sanding work, which I do infrequently, is done here - wearing a respirator, of course!

Do you have a blog or website we can follow you at? www.LucyBaileyClay.com

Thank you again, so much, Lucy... this was such a wonderful treat!


If you are interested in sharing a studio tour with (Mud)Bucket readers, shoot an email to themudbucket@gmail.com.


Works in Progress

So you wanted to see some stuff I've been working on...

Well here it is. It's a totally new direction as far as form goes but I hope to surface it similarly so some of my other work you've seen. These are perfume bottles and are inspired by antique Chinese snuff bottles.

Emily Schroeder

Ugh... Dreamy... I love the bassinet shape of these pieces, the cloud motif, the pinches texture... I am totally inspired and struggling now between heading to the studio to pinch out some pots or take a walk in the gorgeous sun that I know won't be here for long in San Francisco...

Plus Schroeder makes these fantastic illustrations of fountains which seem like just the most splendid thought on such a gorgeous spring day!

(images via accessCeramics and artist's website)



Hi all my fabulous readers...

Just wanted to let you know I'm taking a break from blogging just through Wednesday.

I've got a hellacious midterm coming up... Survey of Asian Art History. I will be studying every waking minute until Wenesday morning and resting the rest of Wednesday.

I'll be back in action on Thursday.

If you need something fun to read, even if you don't... Please go visit my friend Linda's blog- We Swim with Fishes. She blogs daily with some fantastic ceramic inspiration.

Wish me luck!

~@~ Jesse Lu ~@~

(image of Joe Page's work via his website)


Katie Queen

I love the shapes of these vessels.  They are so voluptuous and whimsical and comedic. The simplicity of the palate does well to highlight the craft of these pots, although I would be interested to see a little more color in the titillating creases... But then again... I'm a color addict.

(images via artist's website)



@ unknown via Solid Frog

Unexpected color makes me very, very happy...

Color inspires joy... and unexpected joy, suprising joy is such a great thing...

Maybe that's why I wear such bright colors all the time.

I thought I'd share some photos I've come across lately whilst perusing other blogs. 

These photos all capture that love for color that I'm speaking of...

How does color make you feel? Are there certain colors that inspire you or are you like me, a complete sucker for them all?

Margaret Bohls

Ugh... soooooo delicious!

(images via artist's website)


Beth Cavener Stichter

I'm posting an easy one today. Beth Cavener Stichter is the crossover queen of the ceramic art world. An incredible sculptor, Stichter captures the essence of human emotion like no other artist I've seen. I especially love her mixed media works that incorporate industrial objects in reference to the exploitation of both humans and animals by the society we live in. Sharp.

(images via artist's website)


Max Lehman

What is it about this work that makes me soooo happy? I think I just love the cartoonish handling of such ancient (and no so ancient) cultural symbols. And the color, of course, is quite spunky.

(images via artist's website)

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